Mobile Platform

Rapid mobile development for trucking fleets

The power of custom mobile driver apps at the speed of web development.

Deliver custom driver mobile apps using existing skills and staff

Your existing IT staff can use their current skills to quickly create powerful mobile apps for your drivers.

Empower your drivers with your own mobile app

Today, every trucking company needs a driver mobile app. Step up your ability to deliver great mobile tools to your drivers.

Use a powerful mobile platform with an unmatched ecosytem

Don't reinvent the wheel. Leverage many pre-built mobile components designed specifically for truck drivers.

Unleash your IT department's inner mobility

Choose Eleos for the same reason as other leading trucking companies: we offer the best platform for rapidly building custom apps for fleet truck drivers.

Custom driver mobile apps at the speed of web development

    • Launch a driver app in weeks, not months.
    • Turn complex mobile development into an easy, low-code experience.
    • Easily mix in your secret sauce with custom code.
    • Deploy to iOS and Android.
    • Use a mobile platform designed specifically for trucking.
    • Use existing IT development skills.
    • Use your backend systems of choice - reduce lock-in.
    • Leverage an extensive collection of pre-built mobile components.
    • Customize each driver's mobile experience.

"Awesome… every trucking company should have an app like this. " - Andrew D. (driver)

Trusted by freight carriers nationwide, including:

Integrates with all major dispatch and mobilecomm systems.

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