Mobile Solutions

Intelligent mobile apps for fleet truck drivers.

Take the pain out of driver communication.

  • Don't fall behind your competition.

    • Driver-centric Give your drivers the gift of a mobile app that is hand-crafted for them. Easy and delightful to use.
    • Preferred device Truck drivers strongly prefer to use their smartphones rather than clumsy in-cab devices. Give them what they want.
    • Freedom from the truck - Allow your drivers to get information and communicate even when away from their truck.
    • Engaging video - Use video to enhance company culture, train, and assist drivers.
    • Unlock your data - Eliminate phone calls. Give drivers direct access to information from HR, Maintenance, Payroll, Operations, Safety, and Dispatch.
  • Gain an edge with your own mobile app.

    • Promote your brand in the app stores - Don't fall behind competitors who have their own apps. Impress potential recruits.
    • Reduce vendor lock-in - Avoid an unhealthy level of dependence on vendors of dispatch, mobilecomm, and imaging software.
    • Rule your app - Your app should conform to YOUR business, dynamically changing to accomodate the minute-by-minute needs of each individual driver.
    • No-excuse pricing - Usage-based pricing. No capital investment required. Free unlimited document scanning.
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"Awesome… every trucking company should have an app like this. " - Andrew D. (driver)

Trusted by freight carriers nationwide, including:

Integrates with all major dispatch and mobilecomm systems.

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